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POC 2014-2020, Axis 3. Action 3.3.4 D


The project "The Green Heart of Venice"


The project to define the identity of the Venice Lido as a tourist destination, and to implement the main communication tools to disseminate knowledge and implement its promotion, of which this website is also part, was financed by the POC 2014-2020 for an amount of €267,947.15.


The project, which was presented under the title “The Green Heart of Venice,” is based on a set of factors created and induced with communication and marketing activities aimed at seeking a greater impact on the territory, to awaken interest in the destination and to build a positioning according to the vision of the Lido as the “green heart of Venice.” A strategy that makes the Lido a white canvas of “human and natural” sustainability, an incubator of physical and emotional green spaces with modern and effective communication paths towards the primary referent, potential and traditional guests, as well as towards the secondary one, the private and public actors of the destination. At the same time, it is essential to consider this project as a work in continuous evolution, a direction of growth and dynamic positioning, not limited to the classic planning of 3 / 5 / 10 years. The strategy, in times of speed and permanent changes, indicates an ideal path leaving space to define new means, further objectives, inevitable deviations that will constantly challenge the Consortium and its capabilities.


The project “The Green Heart of Venice” revolves around three key objectives, which are:


1 – Definition of identity
Defining the identity of the destination means first of all distilling its essence through a work of analysis and synthesis of what the different “points of view” on the Lido are. This work of analysis has been translated into visual and verbal elements that constitute the translation, on the communication level, of the shared vision on the Venice Lido.


2 – Integrated communication plan

The Venice Lido is equipping itself with all the communication tools, physical and digital (including this website), which allow for this identity, as well as all the content on the destination to be transmitted to current and future interlocutors, to monitor all the “points of contact” between the Lido and the target audience.


3 – Visibility and Promotion
The new “Lido” brand is forthcoming and will be communicated through all the tools available today to people who explore, read, inform themselves and search. Marketing actions are being implemented, in particular in the digital field, aimed at visibility and promotion, to ensure that an increasingly large audience can notice and learn about the value of the destination


The list of legal entities that took part in the project is as follows:

Pellestrina Venezia
Tempio votivo lido venezia
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