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A Venetian beach holiday

Lido of Venice

Venice is not only the most romantic city in the world, rich in art and culture, but it is also a city that has a privileged relationship with the sea.

In Venice itself, it is possible to organise a day (or more) at the seaside, thanks to its proximity to the abundance of beaches on the islands of the Lido and Pellestrina.

The Lido has a magnificent coastline, beaches that have been awarded the blue flag and are ideal for every type of traveller: for those who love the independence of the public beach, for those who prefer the comfort of the equipped beach, for sports, running and diving enthusiasts. Protected by the two seawalls to the north and south of San Nicolò and Alberoni, it is also ideal for family holidays and holidays with children, thanks to the seabed, which is never too deep.



There are three free zones on the Lido di Venezia where you can treat yourself to a beach holiday in total privacy.

The area around San Nicolò, the most northerly part of the island, has a wild beach with sand dunes, which mirrors that of Alberoni to the south. Both beaches are located within nature protection areas, where migratory birds stop during their migratory journey and where two small waders lay their eggs: little tern and plover.
If you want to spend a day at one of these beaches, you have to be a little careful: during the hatching period, Lipu volunteers protect the nests on the dunes with nets, fences and notices placed along the beach.

An alternative way to spend a day at the seaside suitable for younger people, for those seeking peace and isolation and who are not interested in the services of equipped beaches, is to choose one of the stretches of the Murazzi, the stone dams that protect the entire island from the side of the Adriatic Sea.

Free beach


The most distinctive aspect of the Lido waterfront is the traditional huts, cabins with verandas and tents that can be used by several families, which are now part of the Lido landscape. Besides these, umbrellas and sunbeds can be rented at the equipped beaches, and there are bars and restaurants, showers and toilets, beach volleyball and bowling courts, children’s entertainment and pet-friendly beaches.

Beach with facilites


For those who are looking for absolute silence on a beach holiday and want to get away from the crowds of tourists, we recommend extending your visit to the Lido di Venezia and going as far as the island of Pellestrina. A twelve-kilometre strip of land made up of wilderness, vegetable gardens and fishing villages and lace-makers, it is isolated just enough to ensure relaxing days at the beach.
There are no bathing facilities or beaches in Pellestrina. Arriving at the most southerly point, the wildest area of the island can be enjoyed: Ca’ Roman, a green oasis with a large free dune beach, which is also part of a Lipu protection zone.

This area is also suitable for snorkellers and divers, because of the presence of rock formations rich in biodiversity, the so-called tegnùe, which break up the monotony of the sandy seabed.


Pellestrina Venezia
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