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18th International Festival of Contemporary Dance


We humans, the International Festival of Contemporary Dance 2024

The 18th International Festival of Contemporary Dance, We Humans, directed by Wayne McGregor will run from 18 July-3 August 2024 with 7 world premieres, 2 European premieres, 11 Italian premieres and over 160 artists and 80 events across 17 days.


Unwrapping the great complexity, contradictions and mystery that is human life is a career pre-occupation for the movement creatives invited to Biennale Danza 2024. The artists this year are working collaboratively – in partnership teams, with and through technology or with analogue means, utilising AI as a creative and performative tool (or quite the opposite!) and presenting work across unfamiliar forms in surprising political, social and ethical directions.


Among the participating artists: Cristina Caprioli (Golden lion); Trajal Harrel (Silver Lion); Shiro Takatani; Argentinian director, visual artist, installation specialist and contemporary dancer Melisa Zulberti; Cheng Tsung-lung, Artistic Director and choreographer gives the European premiere of his new work Waves c ollaborating with the uber talented digital artist, composer, DJ and programmer Daito Manabe; Guy Nader e Maria Campos; dancing in Italy for the first time the Afro-Colombian company Sankofa Danzafro; Alan Lucien Øyen’s company winter guests; Bold, vulnerable and pioneer of hip hop theatre turned photographer, Benji Reid; Nicole Seiler; UK Dance Theatre mavericks Lost Dog, bring their iconic blend of dark humour, physical power and deadly grace to bare on Ruination – a witty and inventive reinterpretation of the Greek myth of Medea and her relationship with Jason; the newly minted collective Miller de Nobili Dance Theatre (joint winners of the Biennale call out for emerging Italian choreographic talent); Noemi Dalla Vecchia and Matteo Vignali, alias Vidavé, also winners of the national call for a new choreography, delve into the past with Folklore Dynamics.


The power, profundity, the technical skill, the unfathomable realisation and pure poetry of De Humani Corporis Fabrica, an epic film installation by Véréna Paravel and Lucien Castaing-Taylor made it a Festival must. For the entire duration of Biennale Danza 24, the experimental work of these exceptional filmmakers and anthropologists will provide the emotional and reflective spine to We Humans.


Finally the programme will include film works from the Festival artists, conversation and discussion opportunities pre and post shows, workshops with the protagonists of the Festival.


The programme may be subject to variations.


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