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52nd International Theatre Festival


Niger et Albus, International Theatre Festival 2024

The 52nd International Theatre Festival, titled NIGER ET ALBUS, will run from 15 to 30 June 2024, directed by Stefano Ricci and Gianni Forte: the four-year project by directors for the Biennale Teatro 2024 will showcase the contrast between black and white, good and evil. A passe-partout Festival to throw the doors of the Imagination wide open and to embark on this multidisciplinary two-week journey in the theatres, the venues and the site-specific spaces of La Biennale, through the experience of great ethical-political audacity and breathtaking aesthetics, exploring unknown worlds, sharing utopian dreams and deep emotions.


The NIGER et ALBUS edition will not appear as dichotomic thought but will illustrate the indecipherable chaos of courage, volativity defended to the bitter end, a rigorous deck of Tarot cards with which to predict a possible future: the Magician, Back to Back Theatre, will leave the first hand to its companions to later close the edition; the Empress Gob Squad will launch the inauguration and establish the first divinations; followed by the Fool Ciro Gallorano; the Horse Tim Crouch; the World Muta Imago; the Wheel of Fortune Elia Pangaro; the High Priestess Giorgina Pi/Stefano Fortin; the Sun Fabrizio Arcuri/Carolina Balucani; the Hanged Man Milo Rau; Death Vaiva Grainyté/Lina Lapelyté/Rugilè Barzdžiukaitė; the Lovers Eliana Rotella / Fabio Condemi; the Devil Rosalinda Conti / Martina Badiluzzi; Justice Amir Reza Koohestani; all striving to weave a divinatory warp and weft, a mosaic to interpret our Tomorrow. With their creations, their exploratory research and a corrosive outlook on the current times, a line-up of extraordinary poetic visionary artists will mobilise to awaken consciences and delineate the boundaries of a more desirable future, rip open unexplored universes to jolt our horizon of routine expectation, awing us with unforgettable performances, offering us a round-trip ticket to a transversal elsewhere.


The programme may be subject to variations.


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