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San Nicolò Oasis

The Oasis of San Nicolò is the protected area that runs for a kilometre and a half along the northern coast of the Lido, from the mouth of the port to the first seaside resorts.

It is composed of a pine forest, south of Nicelli airport, created in the 1950s by the Forestry Corps, which planted several domestic pines there, a special dune area with a rare treeless habitat behind the dunes, with rushes, as well as part of the beach: a unique area of its kind and of great ecological and naturalistic importance.

Some protected species nest here, typical of the sandy coast of the upper Adriatic: the Kentish plover (Charadrius alexandrinus) and the little tern (Sternula albifrons). They are two species kept under review by environmental associations and in particular by LIPU, which in 2021 entered into an agreement with the City of Venice for the protection of this protected oasis, with the aim of preserving its habitat and its native species, as well as raising awareness of the need to respect and raise the profile of this area.

In 2021 there were 36 pairs of little terns and 12 pairs of Kentish plovers in the oasis, together with 2 pairs of oystercatchers*. The protection of the Kentish plover is particularly delicate: in fact, during the breeding season, the birds make their nests by digging small holes directly on the beach, and for this reason the environmental associations protect them with nets and constantly monitor them.

It is possible to visit the Oasis independently, on foot or by bicycle, for a stroll in the middle of nature, even with children. We recommend contacting LIPU Venezia for all relevant information for a safe trip without disturbing the local fauna.


Contact us:

Manager of the Oasis of San Nicolò: [email protected]

* Source: Lipu.it


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