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The Alberoni lighthouse

The Alberoni lighthouse, also called the Rocchetta lighthouse, is the second lighthouse of the Lido, together with that of S. Nicolò

A white cylinder that stands on the lagoon and is even visible from the Adriatic. Today it serves both ships arriving in the lagoon and those departing from the port of Malamocco.


Its history dates back to the time of the Republic of Venice, but the masonry construction that still stands today dates back to 1879. The Rocchetta lighthouse is one of the few lighthouses still preserved in Italy: the farista is called Claudio Cavasin and has been looking after it since 1999. Like a caretaker from another time, he lives in the lighthouse with his family. In fact, inside the tower there is a real house, from which the spiral staircase that you use to climb towards the lantern emerges. The lighthouse of S. Nicolò also has a caretaker, but, unlike Claudio, he does not live there.

Even if today it is technology and GPS that guide the ships that need to enter the port, if the systems stop working for some reason the beacon light and the help of the farista remain essential.


The lighthouse guardian, however, is a job that is disappearing: today in Italy there remain about 90, and they are part of the civil Defense personnel managed by the Navy.

A visit to the lighthouse of Rocchetta agli Alberoni is thus an opportunity to discover an ancient and fascinating occupation, profoundly linked to the sea, nature and their constant changes.


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