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The Church of Santa Maria Assunta

The church of Santa Maria Assunta was founded in the 12th century in the village of Malamocco Nuovo, after the ancient Metamauco had already been abandoned.

The church was then restored twice: first after the Chioggia War, in the fifteenth century, and second in 1557. In 1917 a new concrete grain tile floor was laid and in 1995 a marble table was added on columns resting on a wooden platform. Finally, in 2005 the last imposing restoration was completed.
The building has a single nave, with a baroque façade separated into three sections by pilasters and crowned with arches, just like the south-facing side, where there are large thermal windows added in the restoration of the sixteenth century. The Romanesque bell tower is inspired by that of San Marco and houses four bells.
Inside, a vaulted ceiling overlooks a rectangular presbytery and two minor altars.
The Church preserves some interesting works: the first is a crucifix from the island of Poveglia which was moved here in 1809. It is a work of the fourteenth century, which is unique because it is made of clay, plaster and tow and, above all, because it has the reputation of being a miraculous crucifix.
In addition to this, we find a polychrome wooden statue from the same period that represents a Madonna della Marina, which comes from a Renaissance church demolished to give way to the fort. Finally, on the altar on the left, stands a Virgin and the Saints Felice and Fortunato attributed by some to the painter Jacopo Tintoretto.


The Church is open during Holy Mass at these times:

  • first public holiday (Saturdays and Eves) 18:30 (only in July);
  • public holidays 10:00;
  • weekdays 18:30 (only on Thursdays);


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